Radiation detection badges, dosimetry & dosimeter badges. $5.00 a month with accredited lab. Easy to use dosimetry. Med-Pro, Inc can help you become OSHA compliant. We are a leading radiation monitoring and safety equipment provider specializing in radiation badges. We ship dosimetry badges both domestically and internationally. Our competitive prices, attention to safety and outstanding customer service has made Med-Pro a well-known safety solution in the dosimetry market place. Our radiation service helps you the employer maintain compliance with the state and federal regulatory standards for medical, dental, industrial, research and government applications. For the lowest published price for radiation detection and dosimeter badges,  Order Badges.

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    Yearly monitoring of quarterly TLD Harshaw Badge.

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    Yearly monitoring of quarterly TLD Panasonic Badge.

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At Med-Pro, Inc. you can shop for Harshaw radiation and dosimetry badges, rings and bracelets with the knowledge that you are receiving great customer service possible at low prices. Because our primary business is only radiation detection badge monitoring, we can offer the lowest prices for HARSHAW TLD XBG and TLD XBGN dosimetry badges, bracelets and rings.

Make our radiation detection service part of your radiation monitoring program. Our excellent customer service and desire to have quality products has given us one of the highest retention rates in the radiation monitoring badge industry. Needing a lab that offers accreditation or certification? Call Med-Pro, Inc. and allow our lab help you get become OSHA compliant. General information on radiation monitoring and dosimeter use can be found at faq. For information about our full services for monitoring radiation exposure and getting your dosimeter badge in 48 hours, contact sales@med-pro.net or call 800-697-1517 to speak with a representative.

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Some of the most prominent medical research universities, zoos, hospitals, doctors, corporations and labs around the USA use our high quality radiation badges and monitoring.


Call us and receive your badges in as little as 48 hours! We work hard at responding to our customers needs which provides us one of the highest retention rates in the industry.


Our Harshaw TLD XBG radiation detection badge are more accurate than the traditional Panasonic TLD XBGN badge.


Our radiation detection badges are smaller than the traditional TLD XBGN badge while also being resistant to most fluids.


Need your badges now? We can typically expedite your order within 24-48 hours. Call today and speak to a live agent.


Using our accredited lab can help you become OSHA compliant. You have the ability to download your NRC Form 5 at your convenience. Free of charge!


Protect your employees with one of the most accurate radiation detection badges on the market. Remember, as long as your a client of Med-Pro, Inc reports are stored in our database.

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“I would like to let you know how pleased I am with Med-Pro. We need badges for a inspection later in the week and they were able to send my badges within 48 hours.


“Alice was great and helped me make sure I ordered the right amount of badges. She took the time and answered ALL of my questions”.


“We have multiple clinics and Med-Pro was great at helping set up our account. When staff transitioned, they helped us change users without charging us.”


“Could not believe how much money we saved with Med-Pro. our other provider was charging almost double. We were skeptical at first because of the price difference but the experience has been great!”


“The pricing at Med-Pro is great! It is our understanding that the badge we are currently using is more accurate than our previous vendor. The MyAccount website is convenient and allows me to see our reports.”



Med-Pro, Inc. specializes in passive dosimetry monitoring for companies all over the world.
For help in achieving OSHA compliance and safeguarding your business, call (800) 697-1517
or write to: Med-Pro, Inc. P.O. Box 11760 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339