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10 Radiation Companies You Need to Know About

Radiation can lead to serious health problems. While mild radiation can cause skin burns and radiation sickness, long-term exposure can lead to more serious issues like cardiovascular problems and even cancer. Be aware that various industries and environments expose you to more radiation than others, like the healthcare sector, manufacturing, and nuclear plants. Since radiation rays are invisible, it is impossible to detect physically. 

However, you can employ the use of monitoring and detection devices in order to keep track of your exposure. Over the years, we have developed new ways to detect the radiation from X-rays, Beta-rays, and Gamma-rays that are common occupational hazards in the medical and nuclear fields. New technology has allowed us to provide professionals with smaller, wearable radiation detection products to always keep them within safe levels of exposure. These new products enable us to better track and prevent radiation before it has a chance to become a health problem. 

Here are some radiation companies that manufacture quality radiation products and services:

1.    MED-PRO

Personal radiation detection badge

This reputable radiation company has a strong global presence. What makes Med-Pro unique is the free reporting capability. Radiation badge users can monitor their intake online. There are no hidden fees but these radiation badges are still more effective than most. They can provide dosages for the current cycle, the previous year, and even an entire lifetime. Their hyper-specialization means that their product is highly advanced and well-developed.

They have a wide range of affordable products. They are used across various industries, including hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, nuclear facilities, and research universities in the US. The OSHA-compliant company only has accredited products and services. Their laboratory is the Radiation Detection Company, established in 1949. It is the largest all-Panasonic TLD lab worldwide and holds NVLAP accreditation and ISO registration.

This company uses the latest technology to design its products, designing radiation badges with extreme precision. They are also smaller and resistant to fluids. This organization also has other products, including:

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Personal dosimeter

Polimaster is a mid-sized company with radiation products and services. The organization uses progressive technology and prompt, precise readings. The company offers products like:

Their strength lies in the number of products they offer, but a lack of specialization also means that their products are more generic.

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3.    APPLUS+

Person holding a radiation detector to barrel

Applus+ offers radiation protection services. Their services include consultation, repairs, and maintenance. Note that Applus+ has more than 50 years’ experience in offering radiation protection. Their specialty involves:

  • Handling ionization smoke detectors
  • Inspecting x-ray equipment and radioactive sources
  • Measuring radioactive samples
  • Assessing applications for radiation and carrying out risk analyses

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Gamma-ray detector panel

Arktis is an organization that manufactures and develops quality systems that can quickly detect radiation. Plus, their next-generation systems can categorize radiological as well as nuclear materials. As a result, the company helps to facilitate various operations in a broad range of facilities. Their products include:

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Medical radiation detection badges

This company specializes in various radiation monitoring products and services. This company has the approval of the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program. They have been in existence for over 60 years. Some of their radiation products include:

  • Radiation badges that are using OSL technology. They are accurate and suitable for long-lasting use
  • Saturn Ring Dosimeters, which are suitable for those who work with equipment that produces radiation
  • Real-time Dosimetry measurement system
  • Badge boards in multiple sizes
  • Radiation readers

Note: Landauer products designed for professional use, including emergency responders.

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Personal dosimeter

(they carry Mirion dosimeters)

This radiation company is globally known. Medray specializes in making quality x-ray equipment and other consumables required in the radiation industry. Keep in mind that this company has been around for more than 50 years. It has gradually evolved over the past several decades to offer excellent radiology solutions. They have a broad range of consumables, as well as accessories for radiation. They include:

Medray offers its partner product solutions and service delivery, that include maintenance and installations. X-ray products are suitable for various professions, which include chiropractic clinics, veterinary units, and dental surgeries.

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Personal radiation detector card

This is a company that has a history of producing quality radiation products. Nukepills mainly specializes in supplying various chemical, nuclear, and biological products for protection. They include radiation kits for families and professions. The kits normally contain:

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Occupational Personal Dosimeter

Mirion is one of the largest radiation companies. It has almost 2,000 professionals in the radiation field. They are very experienced and focused on producing world-class radiation services, solutions, and products. The organization partners with people in diverse fields, including the military sector, hospitals, national laboratories, civil defense institutions, and universities.

Mirion usually uses modern and upgraded technology, and it’s the reason why their solutions are top-notch. Their products are divided into several divisions which include:

Note: Mirion has a global presence. This means that you can get support regardless of where you are. Some of their support services include:

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Radiation detection badge

Based in Silicon Valley, RDC is an excellent radiation company. They offer radiation detection and monitoring services to cater to professionals in different fields. This includes Nuclear Power Plants, Educational markets, healthcare sector, dental units, and veterinary. RDC’s focus is to ensure that everyone is protected from the invisible x-ray. They offer a quality set of product solutions which include:

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Personal radiation dosimeter

With a presence in almost 70 countries, there is no doubt that Eco test Group is one of the best radiation companies. Their products have proven to be effective in various life-threatening situations. The brand has about 30 radiation products and services to ensure that all your needs are catered to. With more than 25 years of experience in the market, this is absolutely a reputable company. 

Note that their services and products have been tested in some of the most challenging real-life situations. Ecotest products include:

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Radiation sickness is an extremely serious issue and liability for professionals in many industries. Doing everything possible to prevent harmful levels of exposure isn’t just an ethical practice, it is an essential part of doing business in hazardous fields. Dosimeters keep us safer by informing and alerting our staff as soon as they are in contact with dangerous levels of radiation. 

Finding the perfect dosimeter can be tricky. You want a device that is created with the state of the art technology and can alert you immediately when you are over the radiation threshold. Fortunately, we have listed ten reliable companies so you can decide which one can provide you with the products and services that will meet your needs.Related: How Many Years to Keep Radiation Monitoring Reports?

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