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10 Best Radiation Badges

Radiation badges, also known as radiation monitoring services, are personal dosimeters designed for monitoring overall radiation exposure risk. They have several applications and can be used in various fields of profession. They are required in industries with high radiation. 

To use this type of badge, you need to wear it outside your formal apparel. If you want it to encompass your whole body, then you need to place the badge around the chest area. The great part about these devices is that there are numerous selections to choose from. If you are looking for a high-quality and effective item, below is an overview of the 10 best radiation badges.

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1. Med-Pro Radiation Badges


It’s absolutely the best radiation badge in the industry. Med-Pro has a simple design and is easy to use. In addition to that, it’s suitable for several fields of profession, including mining, dental, medical, and veterinary. As an industry leader, Med-Pro badges are known to offer a high level of performance and radiation monitoring. They are easy to use, and radiation reports are free and accessible online. This company does not hide any costs, making radiation badges accessible without sacrificing quality.

Generally, the badges are suitable for measuring different types of radiation, such as gamma, x-ray, or beta, etc. They are designed for universal use. Their parent laboratory is the Radiation Detection Company, established 70 years ago. It is the largest all-Panasonic TLD lab in the world. It is both a fully accredited lab and and ISO registered.

What makes Med-Pro Radiation Badges great?

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2. Genesis Ultra-BP Dosimeters

These radiation badges are produced by CHP Dosimetry and are designed to fit different parts of the body. The badges are suitable for any occupational worker at risk of radiation exposure. This includes those who are potentially at risk of beta, X-ray, and gamma radiation. The badges can quickly identify harmful thermal neurons and provide precise readings.

These badges have permanent codes for efficient tracking and identification. They come with improvised labels that have larger fonts, and they also have locations in mind.

Genesis dosimeters can be used in different parts of the body. They come in whole body configurations, but you can also wear it on one body part like the wrist as a wrist-monitoring configuration. Lastly, the badges come with several durations which include weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

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3. Penn Vet Radiation Badge

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For starters, Penn Vet offers badges at cost-friendly prices. They are uniquely designed to fit different practices. This company is confident that they produce quality products consistently. Therefore, they partnered with a radiation detection company to offer their clients the best services.

The TLD badges are designed to meet industry standards. As a result, wearers are guaranteed user safety. To cater to different user needs, these badges are available for use in multiple time frames, which include monthly and bi-monthly reporting periods. In addition to that, you can also get a product with a quarterly period of reporting.

The best part about Penn Vet badges is that they are subscription-based. This means that you will get your badges and specified time intervals via auto-shipping. During shipping, the company also sends other vital materials that are required to submit to the badges back to the radiation detection company.

The main question is, why are these badges among the best? Well, some of their benefits include:

  • Saves time: these badges will get auto-shipped directly to your location. This is crucial for user convenience.
  • Quality protection: Penn Vet works in association with a reputable radiation detection company. As a result, it offers premium radiation monitoring to professionals in diverse fields.
  • Affordable: Penn Vet is a budget-conscious company, so their badges are affordable and sold at competitive prices. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Simple mode of payment: the company also offers alternative payment options. This helps to ensure flexibility as customers can choose a payment method that suits them.

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4. Pattersonvet Radiation Badges

These badges make monitoring dosimetry has become simpler, and more affordable. By using their badges, you will be able to monitor radiation levels in your area of occupation more efficiently. The items are usually available online, and all you need to do is to create an online account. Because they partnered with a radiation company, this brand ensures high-quality dosimetry monitoring. 

But why is that brand of badges among the best?

  • Quality protection: Patternsonvet offers a simple yet quality protection. It’s suitable for all members of staff.
  • Affordable prices: the badges come in three price ranges. They include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly costs.
  • Easy management: by signing up online, you can create a member’s account. For easier management, you can add new employees or delete the old ones. Plus, you have the option of going through the badge reports at your convenience.

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5. Instadose


It’s now more convenient and useful to monitor radiation exposure. Instadose has some of the best radiation badges in the market, so they can provide professionals with the much-needed peace of mind. Before using these badges, professionals should know that the effects of radiation exposure are cumulative. This means the way you expose yourself to them (no matter how minimal), the radiation accumulates in the body as time goes by.

These badges are normally used by those who are constantly exposed to dental x-rays. The dosimeter is effective in providing precise data on demand to eliminate the guesswork of estimating the level of radiation. 

Why choose Instadose badge?

  • It’s perfect for both professionals and patients.
  • It provides precise radiation monitoring results.
  • The badges adhere to the rules designed by the dosimetry compliance board.
  • You can get simplified dose readings via PC, iPad, and iPhone.

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6. Quala Radiation Monitoring Badges

Quala badges will effectively take care of anyone at risk of radiation exposure. They focus on producing customized radiation badges that are designed with modern technology to ensure that the readings are accurate.

What are some of the reasons that make these badges stand out?

  • The badges are cost-effective and affordable.
  • They are designed using state-of-the-art modern technology to offer personalized radiation monitoring.
  • Once you pay, you will have access to multiple services. They include online reports whenever and wherever. In addition to that, you will be getting reports automatically as well as other free control badges.
  • Effective data management for every member of staff.
  • The exposure results are typically archived for future references.
  • You can access the well-secured and private online results 24/7.

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7. Escort Dosimetry Badges


Among the top industry providers like Escort badges. The brand focuses on industries such as first responders and the military. These badges, therefore, provide radiation monitoring to responders in emergencies who might have gotten exposed to radiation by accident. The wallet-sized badges are normally laminated.

What makes Escort Dosimeter badges stand out?

  • Their badges are made with the latest technology.
  • Made with optically-stimulated luminescence technology.
  • There is an option to customize your badge with unique backgrounds and graphics.

8. Launder-Luxel Badge

Landauer-Luxel offers a radiation badge with accurate radiation information that is a good solution for professionals working in hospitals and with patients. These badges also come with quarterly reporting episodes. Because they provide regular monitoring, these badges protect wearers from the harmful and cumulative risk of radiation exposure.

Now, why are these badges among the best? This is because they are designed with great features that include:

  • High level of precision and sensitivity
  • Increased frequency flexibility
  • Durability

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9. Medray Radiation Badges

Medray offers quality monitoring services for radiation thanks to their x-ray badges. They conveniently and correctly monitor the whole body, which includes areas such as the fetal region, collar, and torso. In addition to that, the badges can monitor both the upper and lower extremities, including the hands and the feet. What makes Medray badges great is that they can easily identify the type of radiation a person is exposed to as well as the amount.

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10. RADTriage Fit


The compact-sized badge can easily fit in any wallet. RADTriage Fit can instantly detect any form of radiation from several sources, including dirty bombs, nuclear weapons, and reactors. The military-grade badge has a long shelf life, and it’s worth noting that the shelf-life can be prolonged to up to ten years. Keep in mind that this badge doesn’t need calibration or any form of battery power. It’s designed with premium sensor strips, which turn dark instantly in the presence of radiation.


If you work in an industry that exposes you to a significant amount of radiation, it’s essential to get a radiation badge. These badges provide information regarding the amount that is in your body. That way, you know when it gets to a toxic level. Keep in mind that radiation accumulates over time, and because there are no immediate symptoms, we often brush it off. As time goes by, it can destroy the DNA structure in our cells, leading to complications such as tumors or other diseases. Fortunately, with a radiation badge, it can prevent these medical conditions from happening.

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