dosimeter badgeDosimeter and Radiation Detection Problems Solved 

Med-Pro, Inc. answers the most frequent questions regarding dosimeter badge monitoring. 

Our whole-body dosimeters are utilized for monitoring ionizing radiation exposure. 

We utilize ring dosimeters for measuring exposure to the hands. Regardless, if you are wearing a whole-body radiation monitor or a ring dosimeter, you must keep track of the amount of radiation exposure. We suggest that the readings should be kept in a secure area and tracked for the life of the healthcare worker. 

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Q:  “I am frustrated with our current radiation badge service.”

A:  Because our primary focus is on YOU the customer, we will do everything possible not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We have one of the highest retention rates in the industry because of our customer care. We are committed to offering the lowest prices, great customer service, without compromising the quality in radiation monitoring you require.  

Q: “Does my practice or business benefit from employees wearing badges?”

A:  Company owners and managers are beneficiaries if their employees wear personal radiation detection badges. Using our dosimetry service for documented occupational dose monitoring can provide needed information for individuals. 

This can help if legal issues arise if current or past employees are diagnosed with thyroid cancer and other health-related matters (so long as the owner is able to show documented evidence that his/her employees did not exceed their occupational dose limits during their term of employment). 

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Q: “Is Med-Pro, Inc. right for me?”

A:  At Med-Pro, Inc., we work in many industries that require employee and area monitors for radiation detection. We recognize that users today want a company that meets the expectations and demands of a highly informed consumer. 

If you are looking for a radiation protection company that puts the customer before profits, partner with Med-Pro, Inc.

Q: “Is it easy for me to get my reports?”

A:  Absolutely! Reports are available free of charge and available for your convenience online. You can change users, view dose reports, and download forms for reporting purposes. As long as you are a customer of Med-Pro, Inc. your forms are available. 

REMEMBER – If you or your practice are required by law to monitor your employees for radiation exposure, OSHA requires you to keep records for 30 years. “The employer is required to maintain this record for at least 30 years beyond last date of employment (following the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1020).” OSHA

In case of potential lawsuits, Med-Pro, Inc. advocates that you keep your records indefinitely.

When Badges Are Required/Not Required

If you operate an x-ray machine, x-ray fluorescence equipment, cabinet x-ray systems, or even x-ray diffraction equipment, you should be wearing radiation monitoring badges. 

Also, if you are a Declared Pregnant Worker, and you work in a lab where energetic beta emitters are used, or with x-ray and gamma emitters

Perhaps you don’t work under conditions where monitoring is required, but you would feel safer if you did. You may request monitoring equipment if you work where energetic beta emitters are used or with x-ray and gamma emitters. 

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Do you still have questions about radiation or monitoring equipment? At Med-Pro, Inc., we welcome your questions.