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How to Wear a Radiation Badge

A radiation badge is also called a dosimeter badge, a device that workers wear daily if they work in facilities with high amounts of radiation. Wearing a radiation badge is very common amongst x-ray technicians, healthcare workers, nuclear power plants, and much more. 

Often, people don’t know how much radiation they are exposed to, and it can be very hazardous to their health as it accumulates daily. Fortunately, a radiation badge can alert the workers if their body has absorbed over a certain threshold. It’s essential to obtain a dosimeter from a reliable company such as Med-Pro.

Because of the importance of these badges, it’s vital to learn how to wear them to obtain optimal results.

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What Is A Radiation Badge?

Harshaw TLD XBGN Radiation Monitoring Badge

Radiation badges have a variety of names, such as film badges, dosimeters, and much more. It functions to monitor cumulative radiation dosage to ensure that workers don’t get overexposed.

The badge has two parts, a holder and a photographic film. The film is black and white, with various grains sensitive to radiation substances like x-ray and beta particles. After the person wears the badge, the film is removed, developed, and examined to measure the exposure. After the film is irradiated, an image of the case is projected on the film.

Lower energy photons are attenuated by various absorber materials. This exposure helps the dosimeter identify the energy of the radiation. Some dosimeters have three emulsions, one for low dosage, and the other is for measuring high doses. Knowing the amount of energy that is absorbed can provide an accurate measurement of the radiation dose.

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Who Should Wear a Radiation Badge?

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Workers should wear a radiation monitoring badge when exposed to environments filled with radiation.  If the worker operates an x-ray machine, which includes cabinet x-ray systems, x-ray diffraction equipment, and x-ray fluorescence, it’s advisable to wear a radiation badge. Pregnant employees working in x-rays and gamma labs or exposed to radioactive substances should consider wearing a radiation badge.

If you work in an environment with some radiation conditions but monitoring is not required, you can always request monitoring equipment to feel safer. You may request monitoring equipment if you work with energetic beta emitters or with x-ray and gamma emitters.

How to Wear a Radiation Badge

Whole Body Badge

If the worker is issued a whole body badge, it’s best to wear it on the collar, waist, or torso with the label facing outward. A whole-body badge detects specific types of radiation. The objective is to wear the badge in locations that receive the most exposure so that it best determines the radiation source. If using a lead apron with a whole body badge, place it outside of the apron.  

If not using a badge, it’s best to keep it in an area away from heat and radiation.

Fetal Badges

If pregnant, fetal badges are required to be worn close to the waist. If the worker is also wearing a lead apron, then the fetal badge is still worn near the waste under the apron. If given an additional whole body badge with a fetal badge, follow the same protocol for whole body badges and place it outside the apron while the fetal badge goes under the apron.

Ring Badge

When given a ring badge, it should be worn on a finger with the label facing the radiation source. It’s best to wear the ring badge inside the glove to protect it from potential contamination. The ring badge is flexible, it comes in various sizes, such as a small, medium, and large, so employees can pick the size that fits them.

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Tips for Wearing a Radiation Badge

dosimeter badge on scrubs

1. Badges Are Not Radiation Protectors

Keep in mind that badges do not protect the worker from radiation. The purpose of the radiation badge is to document exposure and comply with the annual dose limits to ensure that the workers do not go over the threshold.

2. Badges Help Create A Safe Work Environment

The badge also provides valuable insight into the safety of the work environment and the quality of the radiation in that area. It’s essential to wear the badge daily and to put it in a radiation-free location after working hours. Do not remove the badge from the workplace.

3. Best Badge Placement Location

The best place to wear the badge is on the neck or chest facing the radiation source. If the worker has a lead apron, then the badge should be worn over the apron, and not underneath it. However, if the worker is pregnant, then the badge is worn on the abdominal region and underneath the apron.

If employees are given a ring dosimeter, then it’s best to wear it on the dominant hand with the label section towards the palm.

If the employee is receiving a personal x-ray or undergoing a nuclear medicine procedure, then it’s best not to wear the badge.

4. Avoid Borrowing Badges

Another important rule is to avoid borrowing or loaning the dosimeter badge, which means that employees should wear the badge with their name on it.

5. Missing or Damaged Badges

If the badge is missing or damaged, then it’s vital to report it and get a new batch right away.

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Where to Get a Radiation Badge

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Our radiation monitoring services help employers maintain proper state compliance and federal regulatory standards in any industry. Additionally, as a customer of Med-Pro, you can download your NRC Form 5 at your leisure at no cost! 

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The proper way to wear a radiation badge is on the collar, chest, and waist. Make sure that the label is facing outward, so it absorbs the radiation. If the employee is wearing an apron, then it’s best to wear the badge outside of the apron. If the employee is given a radiation ring, then they can wear it on the dominant hand on the palm, where it has the most radiation exposure. It’s best to wear it underneath the gloves to protect against contamination.

With the proper way of wearing the dosimeter or radiation badge, it can obtain information on the amount of exposure and when it’s time to stop working at a particular location for the safety of the individual. Because of this device, it has become a significant life-saving experience to prevent workers from getting overexposed.

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