An accredited dose monitoring program is usually required to demonstrate compliance with state and/or federal regulations. med-pro’s thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) service is designed to provide valuable dose information for a facility’s personnel monitoring program. to obtain accurate and meaningful data from our service, it is important to observe the following:

  1. the dosimeter should be worn at all times when there is a potential for occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.
  2. Dosimeters not in use should be stored in an area without radiation to prevent exposure that is not work-related.
  3. Remember to return the control dosimeter with the rest of the dosimeters for the same wear period. the control is used to monitor background radiation and any dose received by the dosimeters in transit. any dose recorded by the control is subtracted from the other dosimeters, so the control should not be used for any other purpose.
  4. Dosimeters should be worn at the body location indicated on the dosimeter label and should never be covered, blocked, or written on. when a protective garment is worn, the dosimeter should be worn at the collar and outside the protective garment to measure exposure to extremities and the thyroid. if additional badges are issued, they can be worn underneath the apron.
  5. Care should be taken to use only the dosimeter marked with the proper individual’s identification. if it is necessary to use an unassigned dosimeter or to reassign a dosimeter, please provide the necessary information on a “badge reassignment form” and enclose it when you return the dosimeters.
  6. Replacement dosimeters for the next monitoring period will be sent before the beginning of the next monitoring period. begin wearing the dosimeters on the date printed on the dosimeter label. return worn dosimeters from the previous monitoring period, along with their control, in the pre-addressed mailing envelope or box provided. do not cut dosimeter open.
  7. At dosimeter change out, remember to detach the strap and transfer it to your replacement dosimeter. return only the dosimeter (less the strap) worn in the previous monitoring period for processing.
  8. To avoid unreturned dosimeter charges, return dosimeters promptly after each wear period.