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Late Radiation Detection Badges?

What happens if my radiation badges are returned late? Unlike other companies that charge for late radiation detection badges, Med-Pro, Inc. actually will give a credit after the $25.00 late charge fee is applied. For our customers, we currently offer a $10.00 per badge credit towards future orders if the x-ray badge is returned in good condition, have been billed the $35.00 late fee and the account is active.

Make sure when sending your dosimeter badges back to the lab that you pay the extra fee to require a signature. In the years of providing radiation detection service, our lab has almost a perfect rating of not losing badges. All envelopes and packages are opened in a very controlled environment and a radiation exposure report is generated almost immediately. For your convenience, we always make at least two attempts to email the user on file as a reminder if badges are late. Further, we have instituted a six week grace period before applying the late fee’s. We have incorporated these best practices so that our customers have every opportunity to send their radiation detection badges to our lab with incurring fee’s. Simply put, we put our customers first and want to maintain one of the highest rates of customer retention in the radiation monitoring industry. If you have questions about your bill, simply email us  at and  one of our customer service agents will answer your question.

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