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We are changing the radiation badge industry with the lowest prices!

While many of our competitors have hidden fee’s and offer teaser rate, at Med-Pro, Inc. you can shop with the knowledge that you are receiving the best price and customer service possible. Because our primary business is radiation badges and only radiation badges, we can offer the lowest prices for Panasonic TLD XBGN dosimetry rings and badges.  If you find an item that we offer available from

one of our competitors at a lower price, we will gladly meet our competitor’s delivered price.

The delivered price is the total price of the order from an authorized U.S. retailer
delivered to your door including product cost, shipping and any handling fees.

As this offer does not apply to items that have special promotions, we will consider
each of these possibilities on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us at to request a price match.

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