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Our Harshaw Radiation Detection Badge is Superior

Our Harshaw Radiation Detection Badge is Superior

Radiation Detection Badge

Find out why our radiation detection badge is superior to our competition. At Med-Pro, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the best passive radiation monitors while keep the price low. In fact, we have not raised our prices in over 5 years!

Why would anyone pay more for a radiation detection badge without the benefit of Harshaw technology and great customer service from Med-Pro, Inc?

Harshaw (Med-Pro)

1mR Minimum Reportable Dose

No Fade over time

Moisture resistant design (ptfe enclosure)

Precision sawed phosphor “chips”

High yield ingot production

Class 1000 Lab environment

Highly trained, long term staff

US based supplier

Consistent responses across batch

Consistent quantity of phosphor material

Interested in knowing how to wear your badge? Visit Instructions On Dosimeter-Badge Use



10mR Minimum Reportable Dose

Fade over time

Very sensitive to moisture

Unstable, loose phosphor material

Requires homogenization of materials

Foreign supplier

Poor heating

Inconsistent batch quality

Inconsistent quantity of phosphor material


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