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Radiation & Pregnancy, Healthcare Workers Should Know

Radiation & Pregnancy, Healthcare Workers Should Know

Radiation & pregnancy, healthcare workers should know the possibility and danger of prenatal radiation. There is some debate within the healthcare industry regarding the exposure from standard medical procedures. Outside of the overall stress of worry from the “mother to be” for those working in the healthcare industry, most experts agree that radiation can have a significant impact on the fetus especially when working in a medical environment.

Outside of the immediate dangers to both the mother and fetus, there are long term consequences that can happen as a result of exposure to ionizing radiation. According to the CDC’s website, “the human embryo and fetus are particularly sensitive to ionizing radiation, and the health consequences of exposure can be severe, even at radiation doses too low to immediately affect the mother. Affects from radiation can include but are not limited to malformations, impaired brain function, and cancer.

Not every radiation exposure event may cause serious health effects to the fetus. So how do you know at what level the radiation dose is safe? The acute radiation dose to the embryo or fetus should never reach more than 0.50 Gy (5 rads). The danger to the fetus is because the cells are rapidly dividing and growing into specialized tissue and cells. Mutation of these healthy cells has been seen as a result of alcohol, infection, drugs and radiation. Our suggestion is to minimize exposure from ionizing radiation. When you must be around it, always practice the basics: time, distance, shielding and utilize a fetal radiation monitor from Med-Pro, Inc.

Are you a healthcare worker exposed to radiation and may be pregnant? Are you a woman of childbearing age working in the healthcare industry?  Be proactive in understanding the dangers of radiation exposure to both you and your unborn child. Visit Med-Pro, Inc. and order a normal body badge along with your fetal monitor. According to The National Council for Radiation Protection (NCRP), the fetal monitor should be monitored on a monthly basis, worn over the fetal area and under the lead apron when one is used.

For more information on ordering a fetal monitor call us at (800)697-1517 or order today  at sales. We guarantee the lowest price for radiation detection badges and fetal monitors. For more information regarding the development stages of the fetus and the affect of radiation go to CDC .

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