Radiation Safety, Which Badge Should I Use?

In regards to radiation safety and deciding which badge to use, the user has several options depending on need. When measuring the ionizing radiation absorbed by human tissue there are really two fundamental questions to answer:
1. Are all passive radiation detection devices the same?
2. Which badge or extremity ring should be utilized?

Med-Pro, Inc. has chosen to use thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) badges. Utilizing the Panasonic 802 dosimeter, it has four separate thermoluminescent phosphors which is different from film badge technology. The TLD badge is not water proof but is more resistant in extreme situations where blood and water exposure are possible.

With the Panasonic TLD  802 dosimeter, the radiation exposure received in the badge emulates that of human tissue. The If worn properly, the TLD badge allows an accurate measurement of the spontaneous decay to the DNA nuclei.

To know what dosimetry badge or extremity ring to use, follow this link DOSIMETER BADGE LABEL INFORMATION AND WEAR INSTRUCTIONS

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