Harshaw TLD Badges


Not sure which dosimeter, radiation monitoring badge or ring to choose? We offer the lowest prices for the very best technology. We do not compromise or cut corners when it comes to protecting you, your staff and your practice. Our dosimeters and rings are simple to use and we never have hidden fee’s. We maintain one of the highest rates of retention in the industry because we put our customers first. Our lab can help you become OSHA compliant while give you a peace of mind. Look at the chart below to determine which radiation detection badge, dosimeter or ring. Still not sure? Feel free to call us and we can help! Harshaw is the new standard with the most accurate passive dosimeter badge on the market. Our new Harshaw radiation detection badge far exceeds the Panasonic TLD. Harshaw dosimeter badges exceed Panasonic in both accuracy and durability. Call us today and discuss which radiation detection device at (800) 697-1517 and speak to one of our representatives or find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/radiationdetection/

BadgeReporting Periods AvailableDescriptionMinimal Reportable DoseEnergies MeasuredIndustries
TLD-XBGNMonthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlyFour Element Dosimeter10 mrem (.10 mSv)X-ray, Beta, Gamma and will show presence of NeutronsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education
TLD-XBGN w/ Neutrons Monthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlyFour Element Dosimeter w/ Track Etch added for low energy neutrons
10 mrem (.10 mSv) for Dosimeter and 20 mrem (.20 mSv) for Track Etch
X-ray, Beta, Gamma and NeutronsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Medicine, Mining
TLD-XBGN Extremity Monthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlySingle Element Dosimeter for Extremities
Betas and photons above 70 keV
X-ray, Betas and PhotonsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education