BadgeReporting Periods AvailableDescriptionMinimal Reportable DoseEnergies MeasuredIndustries
TLD-XBGMonthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlyFour Element Dosimeter10 mrem (.10 mSv)X-ray, Beta, Gamma and will show presence of NeutronsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education
TLD-XBGN w/ Track EtchMonthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlyFour Element Dosimeter w/ Track Etch added for low energy neutrons
10 mrem (.10 mSv) for Dosimeter and 20 mrem (.20 mSv) for Track Etch
X-ray, Beta, Gamma and NeutronsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Medicine, Mining
TLD-XBGN Extremity:Monthly, Bi-Monthly & QuarterlySingle Element Dosimeter for Extremities
Betas and photons above 70 keV
X-ray, Betas and PhotonsHealthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education