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Why should I monitor EVERYONE in my office?

Every employee monitored with radiation badges are a beneficiary as they work with peace of mind knowing their health is not at risk.

Company owners and mangers are also beneficiaries of our dosimetry service as documented occupational dose monitoring can provide protection against current or future legal employee health claims (so long as the owner is able to show documented evidence that his/her employees did not exceed their occupational dose limits during their term of employment).

This is why records should be kept for lifetime of business.

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Your safety is our business. We are committed to working with you for great customer care and low prices.

Annual Dose Limits for Radiation Workers

TEDE < 5000 mrem

Total Effective Dose Equivalent

Sum of internal and external whole body doses

Lens of eye < 15000 mrem


What is your risk? Will your exposure reduce your life expectancy?

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